Monday, January 4, 2016

Well the Cardinals certainly got their asses handed to them yesterday.  They did not at all resemble the team we've been watching all season.  Sure hope they bounce back in the playoffs!

The rain started sometime last night, although it was not actually coming down when I got up so I stayed dry on my way to/from the hot tub - though it's been raining lightly off and on all day.  It's supposed to be like this all week, and maybe next week also.  Where are our Arizona sunshine and blue skies? The dismal gray sky is already getting old!

The rest of the morning I worked on the Flying Geese blocks for Andy's gift, which are coming out very nice and tidy;  I can clearly see great improvement over earlier geese, and I expect all my points to turn out great.

Also got some ideas for another scrap quilt when I was constructing my geese.

It was quite the workout at the gym this afternoon - and I really would rather have stayed home and continued sewing.  Jim had me cross-training today, and I worked up quite a sweat.  Though I was wearing Alex's old Goldwater Wrestling shirt (a reject from last week when I had him clear out some drawers in his old room) nobody commented on it.

After a quick bite of protein (some of the leftover baked chicken from last night) I took Aja (and Alex) over to Colleen's so she could take in Aja's "dress".  They got to meet Rosie, a true doxie (Tyga has some terrier in her and is not built quite so low to the ground) and admire some of Colleen's beautiful quilts.  Harrison started out a little intimidated by Alex, and hid behind Colleen.  But before long he was playing with Alex, who was "chasing" him throughout the house.  By the time we were headed back home Alex's car was ready to be picked up at Goodyear (he'd gotten a flat this morning) so I dropped them off there.

The rest of the afternoon I plan to sew.

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