Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I have been sleeping a little better lately - guess I'm getting more used to not sleeping on my stomach.  (I did worry when I woke at 3:45 this morning, afraid I was up for the day - but happily I did go back to sleep until almost 6:00.)  Since I've been forcing myself to sleep on my back or side I have no longer been waking up with serious back pain, so it did seem to be working right from the start.  

And speaking of body pain, my legs are (more or less) recovered from Friday's lunges, though my upper body is currently sore from Monday's workout.  Jim rarely has to correct my body/hand/leg positions any more, and is providing incrementally more challenging workouts so I'm definitely making progress.  He is happy when we reach failure, showing that  my body is working as hard as it can.   

Now it's time for a soak, and then I can shower and get ready for the Foothills meeting.  Linda knows it is going to run long (the January ones always do) so she's scheduled TWO breaks.... and is bringing lots of substantial food!

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