Friday, January 29, 2016

Yesterday, feeling ready to greet the world in real clothes (and shoes, though Tom did have to tie them for me) I took Tilly for a walk in the afternoon.  We were ostensibly heading to 43rd Ave., but when I saw Jeannie's vehicle in her driveway we decided to stop in to say hi and get an update of Rich's condition. I figured she'd like to meet Tilly (and of course Lucy and Molly were very interested.) After standing and talking through the screen door for a while she put the dogs out back so I could come in and sit down while we continued our chat.

Rich has had a miserable time in the hospital, with lots of pain.  During surgery they were not able to remove his tumor, which turned out to be a stage 4 gobular mass, which was located where the large and small intestines meet, and they're guessing it started in the appendix.  Then he got a post-op infection, his bladder quit working, etc. At some point they are going to do chemo (5FU?) which they told Jeannie "won't make him sick".  I'm surprised, because with all his current misery (and morphine has not been enough!) I didn't think there was any point to subjecting him to that.

Jeannie said Rich may even be able to come home soon, 
which will be wonderful for both of them.

Before my surgery I had asked Alex to vacuum out my car (which really needed it) and Windex the inside of my windshield (also needed) and after only one or two reminders this past week he came over yesterday to do it.  It looks much nicer now.

During dinner last night Ralph mentioned a brother in Maryland, so (of course!) I asked where.  He had to think for a moment, and then said, "Silver something."  

Anna and Harrison don't have pre-school on Fridays, so Colleen is going to bring them over to help in the yard.  Apparently Harrison is quite the raker, and despite Tom's efforts during our beautiful weather (you can only stuff so many leaves into the two cans each week) we have plenty of leaves to keep the little guy happy this morning.  He's been bummed the past few times they've been here because Colleen didn't bring his rake!

The Girl Scout cookies were here, in the house, for about 24 hours before I opened the first box yesterday afternoon.  When it comes to chocolate and me there's no such thing as moderation, so of course I inhaled one whole stack of them.

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