Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I dropped off a couple of things for Colleen yesterday.  She and Yolanda and Stephanie were getting BUSY organizing all the tubs of quilting stuff that have been piling up in her garage this past year in preparation for the Nimble Thimbles' sale on February 2.  Here's the view that Yolanda posted on her FB page yesterday... of just some of the stuff!

For the bargain price of $20 I came away with a couple of Sunbonnet Sue pattern books for Linda (she can't wait to see them), and a sizeable pile of bright, colorful fabric for me.  (Because honestly.... can you have too much fabric?)

Yesterday was my last session at the gym until 'sometime' after Friday's surgery.  I've been sore after all of my recent workouts (and it's no different today) so a soak in definitely in order.  While I was there I talked to the manager about signing up for more sessions because I'm almost out of the ones that piled up that year I took a hiatus from working out but was still paying for them each month.

During the afternoon yesterday I was getting ready to walk out the back door and soak (I actually had my hand on the doorknob) when the doorbell rang; I'd completely forgotten Ken was coming to spray - and if he'd been 5 seconds later he would have found no one 'home'!  When I went in the back house not only did Tyga bark at me - when I reached down to pick him up he acted like he was going to bite me.  He spent a couple of hours over at our place until Alex returned - and was sporting the new Doxie "bandana" I had sewn to thread onto his collar.  The one he's been wearing is a tad grungy, and Aja has talked about replacing it.  The one I made is a little too long and needs to be shortened.... but Aja still liked it.  This is fabric I used for the front; the backside has a pawprint  pattern.  Once I fix it of course I'll have Tyga model it.

I did enjoy a nice soak after Ken finished up and left, and listened to more of  Once We Were Brothers on my iPad. I'm definitely enjoying it - thanks for the rec, Marilyn! - and listened late into the night again last night.  My sleeping patterns are WAY off!

Tom and Tim are off to Quartzsite for a couple of days; yesterday they drove out to the East Valley for Tim to buy some rock, and when they got back here he bought some of Tom's rock.  Sure hope Tim's loaded truck can make it back over Wolf Creek Pass when he returns home!  He said there's more snow up there than they've had in over a decade.  We used to stop at the summit on our way to the hot springs each summer, and let the kids play in the snow (in their shorts and t-shirts) though it's been years since I've seen any snow left by summertime.  Here's a shot from the summer of '95 when Alex was not yet 3, and Lisa was not quite 5.

Now it's time for a morning soak before I head over to pick up Carol for her mani/pedi.

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