Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This morning Luisa came over for a soak - and I lost track of how many times she thanked me for inviting her over.  She said it was just what the doctor ordered, and though she had brought a suit with her she decided to be brave and go au natural (like me) and discovered she liked it!  

So I'm guessing she will be back another time!  In the course of our conversation she mentioned some upgrades she was going to make to the business, and was going to apply for a loan.  Patti had just mentioned on Saturday that "if I knew anyone looking for a loan" I should send him/her Zach's way.  But it turns out that the place where he works only does mortgage loans. 

Cheri stopped by this afternoon to drop off my project, and (as requested) brought her finished dog bag with her.  So we popped over to the back house to show Aja (who, as expected, loved it.) 

 While out there we noticed a horse looking over the wall at Tyga, and I thought it must be a really tall horse.  Then just a couple of hours later Edie called to say that the horses had stood on the pile of dirt on their side of the wall (which explains their 'tallness') and knocked some blocks off of the top row of the wall, and someone might be over to pick them up.  I was surprised to hear that since the wall had been fine just a couple of hours ago. Boy, was I surprised when I went out back to look.

Those next two rows are ready to go, so the horses have been penned up.  I'd hate for them to try to get over the wall (after the guys took off the loose blocks from those couple of rows I could see the really tall pile of dirt.

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