Sunday, January 3, 2016

I learn so much from listening to NPR.  Like yesterday, on the way to the library, enjoying a game about sports team nicknames.  Contestants had to figure out the team from the 'translated' description; ie "cobalt imps" were the Blue Devils.  Not being much of a sports fan, I was surprised that I was actually able to name most of them, but had a total fail on one.  At least now I know somebody (Santa Cruz) has banana slugs as their mascot.... who'd have thunk?

Now I'm working on Andy's gift while listening to Pandora.  The TV is out of commission because Tom is taping 5 (!) football games, and it won't let me change the channel unless I delete some of his recordings.  (Though it is nice to watch a game in just over an hour, instead of three, as we fast forward through all the commercials and half time.)  Of course there's really only one game today I'm remotely interested in.

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