Friday, January 15, 2016

More gifts finished, wrapped - and mailed!  Such a good feeling!

After my workout at the gym Linda came by to give me a tutorial on uploading photos on the Foothills Shutterfly site.  It went reasonably smoothly, the biggest headache being that Linda had difficultly signing in with her password because most of the letters are worn off of my keyboard.  (That's always an issue for Tom, also... but doesn't bother me a bit!)

Edie called this afternoon, and we're on for BUNKO tonight.  Which of course will be fun, but I'm already dragging so I decided I'd better drink a little 'coffee' or I'm liable to fall asleep between rolls of the dice.

Did I mention that I noticed yesterday that she had her guys fix the block fence already?  That was fast, and I'm impressed!

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