Monday, January 11, 2016

Another night of sleeping and waking in dribs and drabs.  I may have eventually totaled 8 hours.... but not sure how much of it was truly restorative rest when it's all broken up like that.

I've got a batch of beef stew going in the crock pot this morning, so dinner is taken care of.  Tom does a much better job of cooking - but he's getting cranky about having to do it all the time. 

Colleen stopped by with Aja's dress this morning, and while she was here she figured out how to whip up a nice looking satin stitch on my machine from the zig zag function (though it did take her a while, so it isn't just me!)  While she did that, I did some puzzles with Anna.

That means now I can do my own stitching on that project I handed over to Cheri.  She will be in town tomorrow and return it to me (and if I said she was crushed that she won't get to do it for me, would anyone believe me?)

Last night I got 3 of the 4 bindings attached and ready for the blind-stitching, and after the gym this afternoon should get the last one made and attached.  The other main thing I need to do is make the sleeve for my Scrappy Lizards, and with nothing on my agenda for tomorrow (except a visit from Cheri in the late afternoon) that will be my main focus.  No way I'm going to run out of hand-sewing at Wednesday's looonnng meeting!

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