Saturday, January 9, 2016

There was a heavy cover of frost on the grass this morning when I trekked out to the hot tub, and the hummingbird feeder was doing a brisk business.  I also saw what I'm pretty sure was a juvenile cardinal that was poking around in the grass (directly under the filled bird feeder) looking for something to eat.  If it's going to make it to adulthood it might need to 'smarten up'...

One of the things I need to do soon is have Lynn print a label for my Scrappy Lizard quilt that's going to the quilt show.  Of course it would help if I could find the fabric paper, which no longer lives near the sewing machine where it was easily findable.

I've already looked in the various likely places, 
so it's obviously in a very safe place.

At least I did get my 2015 pix file copied to a disk today, though it took MUCH longer than it should have (and involved, among other headaches, having to shut down the computer when it froze) but at least now I can wipe the memory card on my camera.  Then (in theory!) I'll be ready to take pix on Wednesday.

Chatted with Mom this morning, who has been having her own headaches, among them the fact that her heater was out when she woke up the other morning making the apartment very cold, she can't get her Netflix streaming to work, her humidifier and printer were acting up, etc.  Admittedly for both of us these are First World problems, but still very aggravating.

Guess it's time to get off the computer and get started on the rest of my day.

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