Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The first meeting between Tilly and Tyga did not go as well as hoped.  While he was thrilled, and wanted to play, after the initial sniff she curled her lip - and then snapped at him.  Later, out back, they got better acquainted with the chain link fence between them, and her tail did considerable wagging.  So there's hope!  This is not them.... but it almost could be!

Tilly does not get up on the furniture when we're around - but obviously 'anything goes' when she explores on her own.  So far I've removed her twice from Tom's recliner, and he found her on the living room couch last night.  

We'll just keep working on it!

When I took Tilly outside last night for her pre-bedtime walk, I got another perk of having a dog: the most spectacular view of the full moon.  

She's still asleep this morning,
but I'm looking forward to a full day of dog love!

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