Monday, January 25, 2016

It was a boring morning, but things picked up around noon.  First Sue stopped by with tonight's dinner (I have such wonderful friends!) when she got to meet Tom and admire his fire obsidian.

Then I talked to Emilee, and she ended up bringing over Tilly, the 13-year-old fox terrier whose people passed away.  Both Tilly and Emilee were impressed with our yard, and now Tilly is going to be staying with us on a trial basis (though I expect it to work out fine, since Tom already seems to have fallen in love with her.)  She was a little startled by Pokey (that hissing noise when Pokey pulls in her neck can be disconcerting) but did feel comfortable enough to check her out again a little later, and still hasn't barked at her...  or anything else!

Alex and Aja came over to meet her (without Tyga the first time), and then Colleen stopped by with Anna (5) and Harrison (3), when Tilly still didn't bark.  It was the first time Emilee had seen Tilly with kids, but she's a calm, sweet dog and did just fine.  Emilee was worried that Tilly might not eat for a day, but since she dug right in obviously that isn't going to be a problem.  Maybe she's channeling Echo? <g>

And here's the 'new' mug that Colleen brought by, after she, Yolanda and Stephanie found it among all the donated quilting items and decided it should come live with me:

Now I'm looking forward to having 4-legged company 
during my "convalescence", such as it is.  

No doubt the next posts will be full of Tilly and our time together.

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