Sunday, January 24, 2016

Yesterday was a delightful, relaxing day.  Spoke with Mom, who wasn't sure how much snow they got in her area (hard to tell from her 6th floor window) and my brother Andy, who got 23 inches.

Andy said Pippa has really been enjoying the snow, and they finally had to close off the dog door for a while because she kept dragging in lots of snow and ice.  But in this picture it sure looks like she's checking the temp on the back deck, and not sure about going out....

Throughout the day lots of family and friends posted their pix of the snow (while I spent part of the day out back, reading in the 74-degree sunshine), and of course the news showed lots of storm footage during their coverage.  We, of course, will get to deal with our 'weather' next summer.... but at least you don't have to shovel sunshine!

In the afternoon Linda stopped by as planned, with dinner (corn/potato chowder, cornbread, and chocolate cake), a sweet goodie bag for me (house socks and hand lotion) - and Elmo, who was more than happy to give me lots and lots and lots of dog kisses.  Linda also helped me out by doing the hand-stitching to finish up Marilyn's b-day gift for March. Though I'm still waiting for Marilyn to find time to open her (admittedly late) holiday gifts.... 

Patti also stopped by on her way home from Collin's first birthday party, so we had a mini-party (especially once Tom came in and passed out the wine glasses.)  They drank wine and shared recipes, I drank a mango smoothie and listened.

After dinner Tom and I watched the ladies' ice-skating, which of course gets more impressive every year.  They certainly keep pushing the envelope - which is why so many of them fell.  For my money I'd rather see fewer triples and combinations, but a clean skate.  But does anyone listen to me?

I feel like I got a better night's sleep last night, though after my 1:00 trip to the bathroom I had trouble falling back asleep, and at 2:00 decided I'd take a Lunesta.  Any idea how difficult it is to open a child-proof pill bottle with just one hand?  I sure could have used some help, but figured Tom would be less than thrilled if I woke him up.  Will prepare ahead of time this evening!

Today should be exciting, with both football games to watch (not sure if Alison and Eric will be joining us or not) - and a shower on the agenda!

Happily I still have no pain in my hand/arm (I was afraid that after struggling with the pill bottle last night I'd pay the price today), though when I forget and do try to 'use' it for even the smallest of tasks I am immediately reminded not to.  It certainly pained me while I was fighting with the pill bottle in the middle of the night!  

As Patti said yesterday, the hardest thing to manage is trips to the bathroom.  Since she broke her arm/wrist over the summer she just wore skirts to help make things easier. For the record it takes a lot longer to slide off even elastic pants with just one hand.  Good thing I'm not in the potty-training stage!

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