Friday, January 29, 2016

With Anna and Harrison's help I got a lot of leaves in the jungle raked into a rather large pile. Before the storm rolls in on Sunday I'm hoping that Tom can stuff a good portion of them into the second can. I also collected a lot of mud on the bottom of my shoes.

Mary brought over dinner for tonight, and it was sure yummy.  Between all the good food the ladies have been bringing over I really hope I can get back to the gym soon!

Got an e-mail from Lisa this afternoon with financial planning questions, and a phone call from her tonight with good news.  Alex stopped by before he headed up to Flagstaff tonight for a day of snowboarding tomorrow. Going to be a lovely day tomorrow, but they will probably be disappointed they'll be a day ahead of the snow.

Tonight Tom and I started the "Best Sellers" jigsaw puzzle I got for Chanukah.  It's turning out to be harder than we expected, but how can you go wrong with pictures of books?

Tomorrow I'm going to the sewing expo with Colleen, Stephanie, and Yolanda.  I'm going to try really hard to just look and not buy stuff.  Hey, it could happen!

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