Friday, January 8, 2016

It didn't really rain today... it just tried to.  Before heading to the gym this morning I did more quilting (instead of soaking!) and more in the afternoon after I got home.  So now Sandy's gift is all quilted and ready for binding, and half of Andy's is quilted.   

Yesterday the chiropractor explained that the reason for some of my back pain is because after my heel comes down, the ball of my foot and my toes hit at the same time.  So today I did some treadmill incline work (which is supposed to help get my feet into the correct sequence) and then Jim helped me work on a better stride.  Pretty sure I'm going to be feeling the after-effects of all the lunges tomorrow and Sunday.

It was a surprise on the way home when I stopped to pick up a refill at the pharmacy, and the price was the same as it was last month.  I was really expecting a major charge since I haven't met my Rx deductible for 2016.  Not that I'm complaining, of course!

Then it was off to Target where I picked up a package of disks so I can back-up all my 2015 pix; I need to wipe my camera's full memory card before Wednesday's Foothills meeting (I'm in charge of taking pix this year.) Of course as long as I was there I picked up some other non-exciting necessities on my list.  

Cheri stopped by this afternoon, and we hoped she could help me figure out the satin stitch directions.  Long story short: we could not - so she's going to do it on her machine.  To make matters worse, "somehow" we changed one of the settings on the machine, and it took an Act of Congress (and Tom's help) to undo it.  Have I mentioned lately how much I hate machines?

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