Thursday, January 21, 2016

Irrigation did not go well yesterday.  Alex did the gates on 35th Ave because we were the first ones on our leg to have signed up for water, but when the water hadn't arrived 45 minutes later (long after it should have) he had to go looking for it.  One of our (rough looking) neighbors up-ditch from us came looking for the trespasser; he was unhappy after seeing Alex in his backyard.  (That's exactly the reason I never went looking for MIA water in the middle of the night, as 'suggested' by one of the men on the Irrigation Board; people have been shot for less!) 

I called Terry (irrigation's emergency contact) who was already looking for the problem.  It turned out that the folks up-ditch 'forgot' that they weren't taking water this cycle and <sigh> hadn't opened their gates.  Long story shorter, we only got an hour of water (which means the south-facing front yard, where we really need the water for our big shade elms, didn't get much) but at least we won't be charged for the missing hour.

After a call from the surgery center on Monday (to confirm insurance information) I knew that the nursing staff would be calling yesterday to make sure I knew the pre-surgery instructions.  Because I was going to be out of the house all morning, and possibly out and about doing irrigation in the afternoon (at that point Alex wasn't sure if he'd be available on Wednesday) I gave them my cell-phone number.  But of course when I got home from quilting there was a message on the home phone from the nursing staff.  And (of course) when I called that number back as requested, I just got a message machine.  And (of course) I never did hear back from them yesterday.  I have no doubt that they'll call today while I'm at the chiropractor, so I guess I'll stop in on my way home from there today.  WHY doesn't the right hand ever know what the left hand is doing?

Tom got home from Quartzsite last night.  He had a fun couple of days, though Q has become somewhat disappointing and not like it was years ago.  Amazingly, he actually bought a (large) piece of fire obsidian!

Of course his new fire obsidian business cards arrived the day he headed to Quartzsite (Murphy's Law strikes again) so he didn't have them to pass out - although he did have a piece of the 'real thing' to show off.

I didn't sleep well last night; not only did I wake a couple of times, but was up for good at 5:00.  Tomorrow that would be a good thing, but not so much today.

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