Sunday, January 17, 2016

Last night's game was very exciting - and then with only 5 second to go, Green Bay made a touchdown and sent it into overtime. But I'm happy to report that the Cardinals (who gave us several moments of panic when it looked like they were going to give away to win!) did step up and save the day. 

Today we'll find out if we're going to play the Seahawks (here) next weekend, or the Panthers (there), with the outcome determining who gets to go to the Superbowl! BIG excitement here!

Before Alex left for the game yesterday, he kindly swept the multitude of leaves off of the roof as I'd requested, so I got to have 'fun' sweeping the front porch and driveway - again.  But since most of the leaves have now fallen, it should stay pretty clear from now on.  At least I hope so!

I'm thinking of returning to the dog event again this afternoon if Alex and Aja go - I suggested it to them yesterday, and they said they probably would.  Would be fun to see how Tyga does running the lure course; he's pretty fast.  But I won't know for a while since I expect them to sleep in this morning since they may have partied hard after last night's win.... ya think?

Here are a couple of pix I took at the event yesterday with my cellphone. 

This dog carried around its bag and toy all day!

And these sweeties were collecting donations for Golden Retriever rescues.  
I gave each of them a dollar.

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