Saturday, January 23, 2016

Despite feeling tired last night, I was still awake at 11:00 so I took a Lunesta. Unfortunately during the night I woke up every couple of hours, and then got up for good at 5:00. Can't blame it on pain, because that hasn't yet kicked in. (Reading over my post- op instructions last night I see that the local injection for pain can last anywhere from 6-30 hours.) I've been keeping my arm elevated on a pillow, which may explain why I didn't sleep well last night, but it does seem to be doing the job of keeping swelling at bay.  None of my fingers look the last bit swollen - including the thumb (the tip of which is peeking out of the bandages.)

Will have to figure out how to wrap up to keep my arm dry during showers (should have asked Patti yesterday when she dropped me off for surgery) and hot tub soaking.  In the meantime it's going to be reading and movies today. Hope to stay awake during the day so I sleep tonight, though that probably depends on whether I have to take any pain meds.

Still too early on the East Coast to call Mom and see how much snow fell on Riderwood. 

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