Saturday, January 9, 2016

I did some raking/weeding and now my view out the hot tub looks much better.  Of course there were way more leaves and pine needles than room in the trash can, but at least the leftover piles are heaped outside the fence and hidden from my view by bushes, where they can just wait until the cans are emptied on Monday.

Patti called and invited me over this afternoon to watch The Hundred-Foot Journey (with Helen Mirren) that we missed when it was in the theaters.  She'd gotten to watch the first part of it when she was on jury duty, and got it from the library so she could watch the entire thing.  While there were no surprises in the plot, it was certainly enjoyable, and Mirren always give a stellar performance.

My legs are definitely feeling the effects of yesterday's lunges, so when I got home I took another soak.  The hummingbirds are still out in force (and beautiful to watch, with such vibrant colors!) and now the other birds have finally found the feeder with seed in it.  I didn't have my glasses with me so I couldn't do much identifying but tomorrow I'll try to plan that better.

Now I'm going to go sew a little.

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