Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The second meeting between Tilly and Tyga went swimmingly this morning - no evidence of any animosity, and after lots of sniffing and tail wagging I felt comfortable enough to let her off of her leash.  The two of them spent the next hour or two romping together like a couple of puppies, then kept the four of us company while we had lunch.  They weren't begging, exactly - but were obviously ready and willing to 'help' us with our sandwiches should we need any assistance...

My bandage has loosened a bit, enough for me to see part of my arm - which is sporting a lovely bruise that I assume continues all the way down the inside of my arm.  It's probably from the pressure of the splint, and explains the soreness I have been experiencing.       

The good news is that I continue to feel improvement;  
today I can flip the lever on the water jug in the frig without any discomfort.

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