Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Yesterday just got better and better - Colleen and the grandkids surprised me in the afternoon with a visit so Gracie could deliver our Girl Scout cookies!  Anyone want to guess what I ordered?  LOL  

Tom ordered 3 other boxes, each one a different flavor.  Maybe <g> his thinking is that I'll stick to my Thin Mints and leave his second-class cookies alone?

Because if it's not chocolate

Earlier in the day yesterday I had spoken with Marilyn, who suggested I set up a crate as a 'safe' place for a retreat for Tilly.  So Alex and I dug out Echo's old one from the garage (she used it only to fly to and from Maryland each year) he washed it off and then we set it up (sans door) in the bedroom.  One of the extra lounge cushions a neighbor had given me at a yard sale last year, at least 6 inches thick, fit in there perfectly, and then an old comforter of Alex's, also languishing in the garage, folded over many times and laid atop of the cushion, finished off the padding.  Tilly didn't seem the least bit impressed (or thankful) of my thoughtfulness or my handiwork when it was ready for her approval, but shortly after the gaggle of kids appeared she disappeared.  And guess where they found her?  Maybe her play session with Tyga earlier had tired her out, and she decided that entertaining three youngsters might just finish her off!

Marilyn finally found time to open her package, and loved the flowers for Gail and the two sets of Texas placemats I made for her and Don.  It did take a little arm twisting to convince her that no, as a matter of fact they aren't too pretty to use, and she promises to send a picture of them at least set out on the table.  In the meantime, these will have to do.

Around 5:00 yesterday afternoon I found myself a little chilly and reaching for my sweater.  Sure enough, when I checked the thermostat the temperature in the house had plummeted below 70, to a nippy 69.  At least (according to Alex) Spring is "right around the corner."  At lunch yesterday, he mentioned that it was "almost watermelon season".  (Hope family and friends reading this in snowbound Maryland don't flip out over his cavalier statement!) Tom replied that it was only January, which is when Alex made his Spring comment.

Tilly got up with me this morning, around 6:00, and seems to be moving around just fine.  In fact when I took her for her evening constitutional last night there was such a spring in her step (maybe Alex is on to something after all?  lol) I had trouble keeping up with her!  

Luckily she stopped often to sniff at everything, and just walking up 37th to Topeka and back took a long time!  However when I opened the door to let her out this morning, she just stood there and looked at me as if to say,  "I'M not going outside until it warms up some!"  I know how she feels!

In a bit Mary is picking me up to take me to the Foothills Sew Day,
  and she's also bringing dinner over tomorrow night.

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