Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Over the weekend I called Anita for a (long over-due) chat.  She's been dealing with a multitude of injury issues (I know what that's like!) which of course have been very draining.  We commiserated on all the 'perks' of aging, and hoped for smoother sailing in 2016 for both of us.  We're hoping that (at some point) we can do another Kingman Teacher Reunion with Tami since the 3 of us had such a good time in Sedona.

Tom got wild and crazy in the kitchen yesterday and packed up all sorts of stuff from the cabinets.  Much of it will head over to Patti's yard sale later this month... but some of it is going to find its way back into the house.  After all, I live here too!

And because Tom would prefer it if the house looked like nobody lives here (the year he commuted from Kingman to Phoenix and lived in an apartment during the week, it showed NO sign that it was anything other than a furnished rental waiting for the next occupant!), he moved everything off of the various counters (can opener, knife block, cooking utensil jar, etc.) and hid them elsewhere. So now I'm even less inclined to spend time in the kitchen, as per my apron. 

Since Quilt Camp at Roosi had to be canceled for this week, today I'm off to Anthem to sew with Cheri (on the project she was going to help me with at QC.)  Last night I packed up the materials I thought I'd need.... but most likely <g> I will get up there today and discover I'm missing something.

 The real surprise would be if that didn't happen! 

It's light enough out now to see that it's not raining at the moment, though that's definitely in the forecast for today.  Guess I'd better take advantage of the lull and make a run for the hot tub!

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