Wednesday, January 6, 2016

After Busy Bees this morning (where the discussion was all about classes/projects/activities for 2016) I dropped off some snowman and reindeer fabrics for Colleen, gassed up the car (because it was not actually raining this morning), and then ordered replacement lenses for my glasses before the 2-year warranty is up next month.

Aja and Alex stopped by to pick up Tyga's dog records from our printer, and Aja admired some of my newest quilting WIPs.  I did have to laugh, though, when she asked if I got everything done in a day.

I'm dragging a little these days, possibly because I'm not sleeping as well as I might.  I know it isn't good for my back to sleep on my stomach, though that's the only way I'm able to fall asleep comfortably.  But lately I've been waking up with a very sore back, and have decided <sigh>  that I need to make more of an effort to change my sleeping position. It's not been easy, but at least my back is happier in the mornings.

So instead of sewing now that I've had lunch (which was Plan A) 
I'm going to go soak in the hot tub, otherwise known as:

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