Thursday, January 28, 2016

That means only 4 days to go until my arm gets unwrapped - 
and I'm definitely counting the days, if not the minutes!

Here are a few of my latest pix of Tilly.  

Yesterday she was enjoying our sunshine in style  - while I enjoyed reading about Lisa Liscinsky's on-going saga regarding their wait for snow removal.

Here Tilly is on watch duty  - making sure the house is safe from intruders?

This afternoon some knappers from out of town will be coming by to spend some time on their way from Quartzsite's show to Tucson's.  Tom hasn't knapped in quite some time - he's been too busy working his fire obsidian - so it could be interesting to find out just how out of practice he is.

A shower is on today's agenda - 
and I'm planning to put on real pants afterward!

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