Friday, January 22, 2016

After yesterday's tune-up at the chiropractor I stopped in at the surgery center to try to get things squared away, but Cheryl was not to be found.  So I rendezvoused with the Foothills ladies who were having lunch at Wildflower nearby.  And that's when Cheryl called and we took care of all her questions.  They had all my medical history already, and it looks like the IV will be going in my foot; my right arm is forever off limits (for blood draws, IV, blood pressure, etc.), and in my left arm it would be in the way of where they're going to take the tendon to use in the thumb joint.

In the afternoon Colleen dropped by with the three kids after picking up the girls at school, which was a pleasant surprise.  (It was made even better when Gracie sold us some Girl Scout cookies!)  The kids were "starving" because they hadn't had their after-school snack, but I poured a bowl of Cheezits and sliced up an apple, and they were happy.  So was Tyga, who had fun playing with them.

 Tim is leaving this morning, so last night he took us, and Alison and Eric, out to dinner.  We tried a new place, an Irish Pub behind Castles & Coasters, and everyone enjoyed their meal. I know I left there pretty stuffed. Of course this morning I can't eat - I'm off for my surgery in a bit - but I brought half my dinner home so maybe I'll feel like eating it when I get back.

Now I'm going to take a nice relaxing soak.  Not sure when my next post will be, and for a while they'll most likely be short missives since I won't be able to type with both hands for some time.  

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