Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Carol and I had such a late lunch yesterday (burgers at In-and-Out, around 2:00) that I never did get hungry for dinner.  Mostly I spent my day 'reading' my audio book, which I'm truly enjoying.  In the evening Luisa came by for a soak.  After that I didn't seem to have any trouble going to sleep, which is a pleasant change from the previous couple of nights.

This morning was Busy Bees, and I was relieved that the meeting didn't run nearly as long at the one at Foothills last week.  And Ada's trunk show was delightful; she does beautiful work.  After I took Carol back I went and picked up my new lenses.  If I didn't know better (as in everything looks crisp and clear) I would think I was wearing empty frames.  Guess my old ones were more scratched than I realized!

Alex is going to help with irrigation this afternoon, which will be nice, because for the first time in over a year we have to do the main gates on 35th Ave.  Recently I've been "letting" Tom let the water go in the backyard because of the on-going issues with my hand, so with him gone it's nice that Alex will be around to do that.  It won't be a total loss for him... afterward I'm going to treat him to dinner at Carrabba's.

A hawk was very interested in Tyga this afternoon, and kept flying over him.  We're not sure if it could actually pick him up and fly off with him... but at the very least those lethal talons could do some serious damage.  So much for letting him go out unsupervised, because in addition to coyotes Alex and Aja also have to worry about predators lurking overhead.

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