Thursday, December 29, 2016

Yesterday's mammogram was uneventful (one of the perks of being squishy?), and afterward they did an ultrasound on both breasts.  That takes longer, but I have to admit that when she was doing the second one (which did not have the original cancer) I got a little nervous at how long that was taking - especially when she kept getting out a ruler to lay on my breast as a marker for something.  However after viewing both tests the radiologist came in  to tell me that my mammogram and ultrasound "look good - see you in a year". 

Alex called yesterday, saying they'd be landing around 1:30 a.m and asking if I'd leave the door to the back house unlocked for them.  He also wanted me to drop off Tyga back there.  No problem, right? 

Tom actually did the honors, and either a) he didn't hear the part about leaving the door unlocked - though he did mention he'd also need to leave the drive-through gate unlocked b) he forgot c) or he just locked it behind him out of habit.  Sooooooooooooo

At 2:20 this morning the phone rang, and it was Alex; he was at the back door needing the key to get into the locked house. 

At least I know they got home safely.

Yesterday I was fighting a headache all day.  
Tylenol helped keep it from totally ruining my day, but I didn't do any sewing.  

So this morning I'd better get busy on the binding, though I expect Alex and Aja will not be early risers today and I should be able to get it done before they appear "sometime" today.

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