Saturday, December 24, 2016

By the time I left the library (where there were 3 books waiting for me instead of the 2 that I expected) it was starting to sprinkle.  I made a quick run to the store, where (amazingly!) I did not have to wait to check out.  On the way home stopped in at Jeannie's, where we did a little more work on the quilt pattern.  It's going to be SO cute!

It's continued to rain all afternoon -a slimy, raw day, so it sure would be wonderful if I could be soaking in the hot tub!  Tyga is not at all pleased with the weather, either!  

(Funny scene in Bonfire of the Vanities last night, where Tom Hanks is going to take the dog for a walk as an excuse to get out of the house to make a phone call.  It's raining, and the dog definitely does NOT want to go out!)

Alex just sent me this picture.  That's the fire pit he whipped up for Aja's folks, though judging from her tank top and his tee shirt it's considerably warmer there than here.  If we still had a fireplace today would be a good time for a roaring blaze!

I've made serious progress on Hilda's pillow - especially after I decided not to make it quite as detailed as the photo.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to watch TV while I've been working because Tom is taping several football games... and the only way to change channels would be to delete one of his tapings.

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