Friday, December 2, 2016

Cheri and I had fun swapping fruit/veggie fabrics this morning.  She insisted I take some of hers, so now I have an even larger array to "can" one of these days. (Maybe after I see how cute her quilt turns out I'll be inspired to move it up on The List.)  Tom was a little startled when he wandered into the kitchen this morning to make his coffee - and there we were, playing with fabric.

I may not have put on any extra weight while I was in Maryland, but not doing any exercise for 2 weeks (besides moving the fork to my mouth) made this morning's workout a killer.  Even those machines that I never found difficult, even in the beginning, gave me a hard time today.  We not only had to crank down some of the weights, but I also couldn't finish some of the sets. Jim says my body will "remember" after a session or two... sure hope he's right! 

I am still skipping the calf raises so whatever is going on with that foot (feels just like the stress fracture I had on the other foot a year ago) can heal itself.  But when I took my shower to get ready to head over to school this afternoon I noticed a large bruise, about the size of a tennis ball, on that foot's ankle.  I don't remember banging into anything, and it's only a little tender, so who knows?

The hot tub is currently draining, and I picked up a new filter for it at the pool store today, so with a little luck I can soon (maybe tomorrow?) add SOAK to my daily To Do list!

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