Friday, December 9, 2016

In the interest of keeping my foot (reasonably) happy, Jim and I agreed that it would be wise to do upper body again today (instead of lower body, which could stress my foot.)  I still found myself struggling at the gym today, and hope to soon be able to do full sets/reps at my 'regular' weight. At least my foot is a whole lot happier tonight than it was last night!

Richard never did make it over to install the new element in the hot tub, calling (after dark) from way out west of town where he was finishing up a job.  So he's on for tomorrow.  I will be soaking one of these days...!

Alex texted from Flag to let me know that they were heading to dinner there before driving home.  I will be glad to have my car back - his is quite sluggish; apparently it needs new spark plugs.

The postcards for Foothills' raffle quilt arrived today, and they turned out great.  I'll be able to take them to the holiday lunch on Wednesday.

Tomorrow Mary and I are (finally) going to make it to the movies 
(we've been trying since Spring!) to see Loving.

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