Thursday, December 22, 2016

Quilt top finished yesterday and is now ready to take over to Jeannie's today.  That gives her (and Ruby <g>) a week to get it back to me before Aja and Alex return from Georgia.  I'm excited!  

As wonderful as it looks now,
once it is custom quilted I expect it will look spectacular!

Patti stopped by yesterday after her post-work hike (to pick up a little something that Marilyn had included for her in the package that arrived for us yesterday) when she pronounced the quilt adorable, and is sure Aja will love it.

We started with sprinkles yesterday afternoon, which soon turned into steady rain by the evening.  It must have rained all night long because when I let Tyga out this morning, even dark as it still is, I could see that the horse pasture next door is under water.  

"Somehow" I did not find time to rake yesterday <g> so now that will have to wait until all the sodden leaves dry out some.  And since it's still raining quite steadily, I have no idea when that will be... especially since a second weather front is due to arrive on Saturday. (At least heavy as they will be now it should help keep them from flying into the pool, right?)

Nothing on today's agenda, which means as soon as I get off of the computer I can start on Hilda's pillow! 

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