Tuesday, December 6, 2016

We watched several more taped episodes of Jeopardy last night, still frustrated that we can't learn the question to Final Jeopardy's answer.  But COX is coming this afternoon, so we're both hoping that will change. 

They called yesterday to remind us of today's appointment, but on the home phone... which made little sense since they were also slated to fix that.  Though after more than a week of being out-of-order the landline has 'magically' started working again as of yesterday. Maybe they were able to reset something from their end after all?

We've been watching the MARS series on the National Geographic channel, and also assorted other programs about the Mars program. Colonizing a frigid barren planet does not sound at all logical to me (and certainly not appealing), though apparently there is no shortage of people volunteering to make the first one-way trip (not having to deal with the over-whelming logistics of returning people to Earth would move up the schedule considerably) and live out the rest of their lives with a handful of other people in what basically amounts to a tiny room. Several simulations where a small group of people had been isolated together in a limited space (around 1,000 square feet) for extended periods of time, in one case over a year, show that it's not only the physical issues but also the mental and emotional ones that need to be dealt with.

I lost at cribbage last night, though at least it was as close a game of possible; I was left with my peg in the last hole when Tom sprinted over the finish line.  Most of my hands were very frustrating, in that while the deal of 6 cards offered me lots of points, no matter what 2 I opted to discard into the crib (even when it was my crib) meant I often couldn't save even half of the points.

 I've been sleeping in these days until almost 6:00, a major improvement for which I am grateful. Since I have a fairly busy agenda today I probably should get going on some of the things I need to do in preparation for  tomorrow's Busy Bee party.  This morning I need to head to the gym and then to the oncologist this afternoon.  Too bad I can't sneak in a quick soak first, but Richard is coming by late this afternoon so I'm expecting to be back on my soaking 'schedule' starting tomorrow!

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