Friday, December 2, 2016

Cheri called yesterday; she's looking for a few additional veggie fabrics for a canning jar quilt she's making.  Not only do I have a layer-cake bundle of those, but (drum roll) it was actually in the first place I looked (how often does that happen?!) so I was able to call her back right away with the good news! She's popping by this morning,  before I head to the gym, to pick up a couple of pieces, and then next week she wants to come by with all of her 70-some completed blocks so I can help her decide how to arrange them.

Because of her call I left for the lab a little later than planned, but that timing worked out extremely well; the waiting room only had one other person in it and I don't think it was more than a couple of minutes before they called me for my blood draw. Again, how often does that happen? 

Last night Alex and Aja joined us for pizza and football, and I got to hear more about the recent tour. He had a great time visiting all those college campuses, and certainly had some adventures while driving the truck pulling that huge trailer.  I forget how many thousands of miles he and Brendon logged over the past few months, and with all the idiot drivers on the road of course I worried. At least their rig was big enough to easily see, which gave me some peace of mind - though when I mentioned that to Alex he just rolled his eyes and replied that it didn't seem to matter... drivers still did all sorts of crazy things around them.

Today he and Tom are going to do some work on the pool pump (Creepy is not at all happy lately and hasn't been running) and also drain/clean the hot tub.  It's definitely nippy here these days (they are going to wait for the 'warmest' part of the afternoon) and I look forward to soon soaking in blissfully hot water.

This morning I woke up around 3, and once I realized I wasn't going back to sleep I finished The Art of Fielding. I thoroughly enjoyed it (even though a lot of the baseball 'stuff' and terminology was unfamiliar to me) and was sorry to see it end.  Now it's time to put some more books on my library list.

Speaking of books - Marilyn never answered my SOS about deleting books from my iPad, so I had Sandy, who has an iPhone, try to do it in Maryland. I felt better when she tried all the same things I had (saying they should work, which was exactly the same thing I thought) but she also was unable to do it. Yesterday, Alex figured it out in a matter of seconds. (My 'reward' for not killing him when he was a teenager?)

Could be a tad rough at the gym today after 2 weeks off (during which I did absolutely no exercises of any sort) and less than a full night's sleep. Then this afternoon I'm over at Park Meadows for my Friday afternoon volunteering stint. I expect to fade at some point this afternoon, but since it's still early (not even light out yet) I could get a lot done this morning... 

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