Saturday, December 17, 2016

When I went to sew the strips of Aja's quilt together, 
I noticed that my ROYGBIV had one strip out of order.  

Remember my "boast" about how everything had fallen into place?  The Universe takes that as a personal challenge (remember that, Mom!)  Luckily I caught my mistake before I sewed the strips together, and was easily able to reverse two of them.  But...

That, of course, created other issues with the symmetry of the pattern.

Today (for a change) I have nothing on my agenda - 
so I am free to spend all day working on the ribbon borders.  

I had called Sheri yesterday to see if she had a lighter brown companion fabric to go with the darker brown one I had bought the other day.   She said she didn't, but I popped over yesterday to see what she did have (since I did not want to schlep all the way down to 35th Ave.) and in fact she actually did have exactly what I needed. 

Last night I crashed early (in my 'defense' I'd been up since 4:00) and slept really, really hard.  In fact I don't think I even got up during the night (which almost NEVER happens!) and then slept in until 6:00.  So I'm feeling well-rested, and ready to sew.

Who knows what sewing mistakes I'll make today?

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