Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Yesterday morning I did a lot of housecleaning (mopped floors, swept porches/driveway) in preparation for the exterminator in the afternoon.  Things look better, at least temporarily, inside the house.  Of course outside most of the trees are just beginning to lose their leaves (sweeping out there will be a constant 'battle' the next month or so) though I had absolutely no trouble filling up both cans.  Also trimmed lots of our volunteer lantana out front, encouraging them to be full and bushy instead of long and stringy.  We will continue to enjoy our temps in the 70s, and certainly feel for all the folks experiencing the snow and cold temps we have been seeing on the nightly news segments.

Also got things cleared up at the bank with one phone call.  I was all set to write the check for my monthly VISA bill until a closer look sure made it look I had a credit.  I'd wondered why there wasn't an envelope included with the bill, but sure enough I didn't need one.  Somehow <g> in September I had paid the same bill twice, two weeks apart.  (In my defense it was a little crazy then, trying to catch up on 2-months-worth of mail after unexpectedly being gone that long.)  So while I'm not really $500 richer, it sort of feels that way!

In the afternoon I popped over to Colleen's; she'd called to let me know she had an hour window between picking up the kids at school and then taking them to dance class. Even with all the craziness over there (her 3 plus another she watches after school) we managed to squeeze in making Robin's pillow back with her handy dandy template.

Turns out it was not Colleen on the news segment Friday about the Polar Express train ride up in Williams because she had not been wearing a black sweater on the trip. However that woman really, really, really looked just like her - and of course I knew she'd taken the grandkids up there then.  (Another friend of Colleen's saw the same segment and also called her to let her knew she'd seen "her" on TV.)  Colleen's got a doppelganger!

Tom smoked meats yesterday, and Alex and Aja joined us for dinner.  I'd been smelling that tantalizing aroma all day, and certainly pigged out at dinner - though not as much as Alex did!

This morning I'm off to the gym (maybe will do lower body today?) and then want to wrap up a couple of packages so I can stand in line at the post office this afternoon.

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