Monday, December 5, 2016

While my eggs were boiling this morning I played some Hearts on the computer, and during one hand ended up shooting the moon... without even trying! Dad would be so proud of me. :-)

Uneventful dentist visit this afternoon... more or less.  While nothing on my x-rays screamed at him, the dentist did see "something" that could be something.  So I need to schedule a 3D x-ray with an endodontist (which I will do in January), which will give us more information.  I have had a headache on one side the past couple of days, and - since I'm pretty sure it's because my neck and upper back are out - I have scheduled an appointment with the chiropractor for Thursday. (First time I could squeeze it in!)  Sometimes the pain has migrated to that eye and sometimes to the area under that cheekbone, so it's also possible it's sinus-related, but it could be from something that will show up on the 3D view.  Of course my bite has been off ever since I fell on my face in 2012, knocking over one of my front teeth, and the 3D x-ray can help decide if something needs to be done about that. Patch, patch, patch.

After the dentist Tom needed me to pick up something for tonight's dinner at Sprouts, and since Winco is conveniently located right across the street I popped in there first to pick up a few additional things.  Cheri called just as I was getting ready to check out at Sprouts to see if I was home (not quite, though pretty soon) because she was in town and wanted to swing by to get my okay on her fruit/veggie quilt layout.  She beat me here, but not by much.

Tyga was not happy with Cheri's visit.  Maybe he smelled her doxies on her?  So he had to go outside and didn't get to help approve of the quilt.  I do, however.

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