Sunday, December 25, 2016

Despite the fact that there are no little ones in the house, full of excitement, 
I have been up since 4:00. 

 Someone posted an intriguing idea on FB yesterday: last child out of bed Christmas morning gets to open the first present!

  Yesterday Tom slept in - until 10:00!  I'm not sure if he "plans" on doing that again today, but at some point I will be making kitchen noises while I'm getting the turkey ready to pop into the oven - which could interfere! 

Also not sure what time Lisa will be gracing us with her presence today.  I did speak with her briefly yesterday (when she called for Mom's phone number) at which time she said she'd be over 'sometime this morning'.

My progress on Hilda's pillow continues.  Now I'm off to take a shower, and by the time I get out it could be time to put the turkey in the oven.  

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