Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My first post-vacation upper body workout this morning was challenging, but I did get through it. Once home made a protein drink (haven't been doing that for some time) and sure hope to be back at my previous levels of weights/reps soon.

A woman in locker room this morning was sporting a Goldwater soccer tee. We started talking, and it turns out that she used to work with the Goldwater wrestlers, though she had to quit for health reasons (brain tumor) around the time Alex started wrestling there so she didn't know him.

After my shower I had a few minutes and figured I'd get organized for deviling the eggs as soon as I returned from the doctor, but couldn't find the rectangular Tupperware container that has the perfect dimensions. Certainly it was not where it should have been, or in of the other numerous cabinets in the kitchen. So I schlepped out to the shop to see if Tom knew what happened to it.  Turns out he was using it for some of his fire obsidian cabs.... Gee, wonder why that never occurred to me? <g>

As expected it was a routine uneventful doctor visit (best kind). I'm due for my annual mammogram, but otherwise I'm good to go for another 6 months.  

COX was here while I was gone, apparently for just a few minutes. It turned out to be a quick fix since (unbeknown to me) there's an option to add a few minutes to the the beginning and/or end of recordings just to adjust for our problem.  Of course it could have been done by us easily months ago if the woman trying to help me over the phone had known about that option. (Seems to me she should have...)

Eggs are deviled, and my 5" fabric squares (for Left Right Center game) are cut, so I'm ready for tomorrow's party. I was waiting for Richard to arrive late this afternoon to make the hot tub happy.  We were going to be his last job for the day - but he called around 5:30 to say that one of the jobs took longer than expected and he was running out of daylight.  We've rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  Guess I won't be soaking tomorrow morning after all. 

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