Friday, December 23, 2016

Wanda brought over some cookies and fudge yesterday that she had made, admired Aja's quilt (always wonderful to get confirmation from a true artist!), and then helped me audition some sky fabrics for Hilda's pillow.  Same old story: a zillion different blue fabrics, but <sigh> nothing quite right.  

She thinks she may have something in her stash that would work, but knows for sure that 35th Ave. does... except that I REALLY don't want to schlep all the way down there just for the tiny scrap I will need.  

We popped up to Jeannie's so Wanda could  drop off some goodies there, and I could deliver the quilt top and fleece backing.  So we got a peek at Lois's quilt for the quilt show (she and Jeannie had been deciding on patterns for a couple of hours already.)  The four of us agreed on thread colors for my quilt, which was easy.  It turns out that I will need batting after all (without it, Ruby's tension isn't happy) so Jeannie gave me some leftover pieces to patch together for that.  

Aja texted while I was over there to see if they could FaceTime with Tyga, which we did once I got back. Then I zigzagged the batting together and got it right back to Jeannie's since she was talking about loading my quilt onto Ruby that night... and I certainly did not want to hold that up!  Which is when I got to say HI to Gina, who had stopped by with some things for Jeannie.

I've been trying to (finally) load Holiday Party pix this morning, but my computer is being ornery (for a change?)  I really need to look into getting a new computer!

Guess I ought to go eat breakfast and then get ready to head to the gym.

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