Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I finally seem to have regained the gym ground I lost in November, and yesterday was back up to my regular weights/reps... and on a couple of machines I think Jim actually upped some of the weights!  All in all it felt like a successful workout session.

Afterward I popped over to Kohl's (right next door) to return a couple of Tom's gifts.  He's always worn Levi 501 jeans, but in recent years has been unhappy with the lighter denim they are using - and judging from the comments he found when he did a search online, he's not the only one.  So after being a loyal Levi customer for decades, he's going to jump ship and search for a brand that continues to use the heavier cloth.  I expected a line at Kohl's, but was pleasantly surprised not to find one.  

Richard called yesterday to let me know that the hot tub element folks are sending a replacement that should arrive "sometime this week."  He said tried to pin them down on a less vague date but couldn't get anything more definitive from them.  Whenever it arrives, his plan is to come install it the following day.  So MAYBE I will be able to ring in the New Year with a soak?

The chiropractor was running behind yesterday, which was unusual for him - though it wasn't a problem since I did some reading while I waited.  My trapezoids were really tight, so after my adjustment I spent time on a machine with an "interesting" massage cycle.  By the time I arrived home, around 3:30, I felt ready for a nap and crawled into bed to try, though it didn't actually happen - at least not until after dinner when I stretched out on the couch to read while Tom was watching one of his taped football games.

There was an e-mail from Jeannie she'd sent around midnight last night awaiting me this morning (at least I 'slept in' until 6:00 today) to let me know that she finished up Aja's quilt!  

She included some pix, but of course I can't wait to see it Up Close and Personal!  Obviously instead of working on the Taj Mahal today I will be making the binding and attaching it to the quilt.  And if I can connect with Lynne today to print up the label for the back that would be great, too.  

I love this quilter's sense of humor.

This afternoon is my annual mammogram.  Five years ago that revealed some bad news, but I assume today's will be just fine.

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