Saturday, December 24, 2016

I went over to Wanda's yesterday (at her invitation) to see what she had in her sky-fabric tub. When I told Tom that's where I was going - and why! - he was incredulous that I "needed" more fabric. But Wanda understood: I may have zillions of blue fabrics (after all, it is my favorite color!) but still not one that would work for this particular project! 

Got to see the stunning jacket Wanda (re)made for her daughter from GORGEOUS earth-tone fabrics/yarn. She still needed to finish up a few details: make up the buttons, hem the sleeve lining, and sew on the label. So I didn't stay long in order to give her the rest of the afternoon to work on it.  With a little luck it should be done in time to gift it to Sally tomorrow!

Now that I've got several "skies" from which to choose I hope to be able to make some substantial progress today on Hilda's Taj Mahal pillow. I do still have a few errands to run today, like pick up a couple of books at the library that have come in for me, and maybe pop over and pick up a veggie for tomorrow's feast.  

While I still haven't scoped out possible computer replacements (so once the post-Christmas sales begin I would know just what I want) I'm thinking today may not <G> be a good day to get around to doing that?

And today will most likely be a madhouse everywhere, with long lines.  

Though in theory I wouldn't need to deal with the lines 
since I would just be looking, right?

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