Tuesday, December 20, 2016

On my way to JoAnne's yesterday to buy fleece for the backing I stopped off at a couple of places since I had Aja's quilt with me (partly to audition colors, but mostly to check and see if any pattern would show through) to show it off.  It was quite gratifying that both Jeannie (who sees a multitude of quilts in her business) and Donna gushed over it. Then while waiting in line to get the fleece cut the other women also waiting asked to see what I had all folded up.  Not only did everyone absolutely love it, but the woman cutting my fleece was so impressed she took down the information so she can make one like it.

I got a little more shopping taken care of while I was out and about.  Though I eventually managed to find what I was looking for at Kohl's, I admit I was relieved to finish up and get out of there; shopping is never fun, but this time of year it's crazy!  However it should be no surprise that I actually enjoyed my shopping sortie at Barnes and Noble. 

Before I head to the gym later this morning I hope to get the appliqué stitched down.  It turns out that there will be more button-hole stitching than I originally planned because Jeannie (who turns out stunning quilts) made a good suggestion yesterday. IF I manage to get that all of that done then it's possible (!) that later this afternoon the final borders could be attached. 

I'm a little worried about actually doing the quilting with the fleece, especially since now I plan to enter the into the AQG show in March. MAYBE I can find someone willing to do it after the 25th since Alex and Aja won't be back until the 29th...

A&A  face-timed with me yesterday, and it sounds like they're having fun (translation: partying a lot) in Georgia.  Tyga was not much of a "talker" over the speaker, but at least Aja got to talk to him.

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