Saturday, December 10, 2016

I was so tired last evening that I found myself struggling not to doze off during another (very interesting) show about Mars.  Around 9:00 I finally gave up the fight and headed to bed. Not only was I surprised to sleep through the entire night, until 6:00 this morning - but was really astounded that I fell back asleep until almost 8:00.  Obviously I really was tired!

Several reports, on our neighborhood website yesterday and today, regarding stolen mail/packages.  Some were taken out of mailboxes or off of porches, while others were reported to have been handed directly to a "resident" of the home.  

I got another set of 9 seams done on my wonky 9-patch project this morning - and without even having to rip a single one.  Now that's progress!  

Only one more set of 9 seams to do, 
and then I will just have to add  the borders.

Depending on how much time I have after my shower (and before Mary arrives), those seams could happen before the movie; otherwise they will have to wait until this later this afternoon.

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