Wednesday, December 21, 2016

After the gym yesterday I stopped in at Jeannie's, partly to tell her about the new gym offer (she's going to pass), partly to show how her button-hole suggestion turned out (she approves), and partly to see about her custom quilting it.  We came up with a general plan which will make it much more impressive than any quilting I could possibly do.
3924 W. Westcott Drive
Glendale, AZ  85308

She had a wonderful gift for me: some of the scrumptious lox from Costco that I couldn't seem to get enough of at Book Club earlier this month.  Tom and I dove right into for lunch yesterday, and it was as delectable as I remembered!

Last night Tom and I finished watching the first season of Westworld, which not only had well-done special effects but of course the obligatory plot twists all over the place. After last night's "ending" we're curious to see what next season brings. 

Because the season's finale episode ran two hours instead of the usual one, 
I (of course) struggled to stay awake.

Not much on today's agenda - just have to decide how wide to cut the final borders and attach them.    Once I make the decision the actual cutting/sewing won't take long. Then I can get started on Hilda's Taj Mahal pillow.  I'll be using this picture as my template and have picked out some perfect fabrics.  Over the next few days you (most likely) will be subjected to progress reports with accompanying photos!

I will have to make a run down to SAS at some point after all because not only were JoAnn's pillow forms outrageously expensive... but in the end there was no decision to make because there weren't any 12" ones.

Rain is in our forecast, possibly for today and then again on Saturday.  So I'm thinking about doing a little raking - if the spirit moves me.

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