Sunday, December 4, 2016

My first soak of the season yesterday morning was delightful, and the temperature setting (obviously not moved since last season) was perfect. Unfortunately there was no power to the tub (lights and jets not working) so I knew it wouldn't last. I hoped that a reset of the breaker would address the situation, and so Tom tried that a couple of times - but each time the breaker immediately shut off. So I will have to call our hot tub guy to get that fixed. Seems like we have this same issue every year when we first start it up...

I had a very enjoyable time at Linda's yesterday.  We started off with a visit to the nearby park in a (vain) attempt to burn off some of Zahn's energy.  He will turn 3 at the end of December, and not surprisingly has much more energy than either of us can muster.  Add to that the fact that he is very strong-willed and determined (which should serve him well in life, but makes dealing with him that much more difficult) and it wasn't until his nap after lunch that Linda and I could relax and chat and look at quilts.  I was surprised to hear just how enthralled she was with the elephant quilt I made for Andy; coming from such an accomplished quilter as Linda her praise means a lot to me! At least the elephant went to an appreciative home. Instead of using it (as I'd assumed when I made it) Andy and Sandy have hung it on their bedroom wall as a work of art, and where it is one of the first things they see in the morning and the last at night. 

Back home in the afternoon I continued working on my wonky 9-patch, and completed the first-step when I sewed the 9 sets of halves together.  Or thought I was done. <g> After ironing (and before checking my 'new''d think I'd know better by now!) I decided to top-stitch the sashings to help hold the ironed seams in place. It wasn't until after I finished doing that on the 9 pieces that I discovered that the one of my sashings had been attached to the wrong edge before sewing on the other fabric half (meaning that "rectangle" was not!), and thus there was (considerably) more ripping do correct that. Seems like at each step 8 of the pieces go well but "there's always one" that needs to be redone. I see more careful checking in my future!!!

While I was sewing I had the TV turned on, and caught a re-run of the dog show from Thanksgiving which I had missed that day. Unfortunately by the time I tuned in I'd missed the beginning and they were getting ready to start the third group (of seven.) My favorite group, the herding dogs, had been the second one so I never got to see the Aussie that was representing the breed.

After dinner Tom and I caught up on some of the Jeopardy shows that taped while I was gone, finishing up the Teen Tournament. With the internal timing being off, all of the shows cut out before the answer to the Final Question was revealed. While I was fairly confident with my guesses, it would have been nice to know for sure.

Despite popping a Lunesta around midnight I was still woke up this morning a little before 4:00. Since I can't go soak this morning (even with the cover holding in the heat I'm guessing the water will have cooled off enough to make soaking while waiting for the sunrise less than pleasurable) I'm off to see and see what new mistakes I can make on this project.

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