Monday, December 5, 2016

Our home phone is still not working.  I assumed it was the rain that fell while I was gone (that always seems to knock out our lines for a couple of days) but this time it never resolved itself.  Then last night Tom and I made a dent in the Jeopardy shows that taped while I was gone... but with the timing still off every single episode cut out before we learned if our Final Jeopardy guesses were correct. Tom "suggested" that I get that fixed, so this morning I called COX - and tomorrow afternoon a technician will be out to address (and hopefully fix!) both issues with one visit. 

Also touched base with Richard, our hot tub repair guy, who also plans to swing by tomorrow.  I will get to miss all the fun (will be at the gym in the morning, and at the oncologist in the afternoon) but at least I took care of making the arrangements.  FYI the oncologist called Tom's cell this morning, before he was up; when they couldn't get through on the home phone to confirm tomorrow's appointment they called my emergency contact.

Today I have my dentist appointment, and also need to "find time" <g> to boil up eggs so I can devil them tomorrow in preparation for Wednesday morning's Busy Bee Holiday Party.  Otherwise my day is fairly open (though Tom just tasked me with another errand) and I hope to make additional sewing progress - while avoiding too many new errors.

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