Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lately I have not been sleeping well, awaking in the wee hours of the morning (3-ish) and not being able to fall back asleep.  Yesterday was another of those days. I felt crappy all day; my eyes were gritty, and my body didn't want to do much of anything. 

So I cancelled my gym session (which I virtually never do) and vegged all day, mostly reading. 

Cheri had said she couldn't put it down our next Book Club selection (The Traitor's Wife, by Allison Pataki) once she started. Like her I thoroughly enjoyed it, starting it Thursday evening and finishing it up this morning.

Patti had been trying to call all week, and kept getting a busy signal.  Eventually she tried my cell yesterday, when of course she was finally able to reach me.  I knew the phone was out, but until the cable TV also went out yesterday I hadn't bothered to call COX.  

Turned out there was an outage in our area affecting the TV service, so until that was resolved she was unable to make an appointment for someone to deal with the phone.

When Patti came over yesterday she brought a gift she's working on for Gary (a shadowbox display for some of his things) so I could help her with it; for a variety of reasons they postponed their gift giving until this weekend.  While we were busy deciding on the arrangement of things Tom and Gary wandered in from the shop to view some of Tom's finished fire obsidian cabs.  Luckily they seemed oblivious to what we were doing (typical men?) and while I chatted with Gary and distracted him, Patti packed it all up - so it should still be a surprise when he opens it!

Patti loved Aja's quilt, and also Hilda's pillow. On Monday she's coming back over and we're going to work on a no-sew "stained glass" dragonfly pattern I picked up at the quilt store recently.  All we'll need is lots of scrap fabric (of which I have PLENTY), and since she loves dragonflies I knew it would be a pattern she would enjoy. 

The latest irrigation schedule came out, and it does not bode well for the coming year. We have to once again do the gates on 35th Ave. because the folks on our leg up-ditch from us are not taking water this cycle.   Here's hoping it's just this time (maybe they're out of town for the holidays?) The time itself is not that bad (early evening on Wednesday) but of course that's also subject to change with each cycle.

I still have to run to the store today to get something to bring up to Jeannie's tonight as a side dish.  Tom will be making some guacamole for our appetizer contribution (she's serving tamales for dinner) and unless I get a flash of inspiration I'm leaning toward making a salad.  The big question is how late I will be able to stay awake.  The festivities, which include an evening of Mexican Train (and possibly poker) start around 6:00.  Judging from my evenings this week I'll be lucky if I make it until 9:00...

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