Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Last night I opened this plush robe (in minke fabric?) which goes well with the snuggly (lotion-infused!) socks I got on Sunday.  And gray will 'go' with any of my PJs, right?

I'm currently bundled up in said robe and socks (up since 3:30.... sigh) so I should have enough time to finish Taj Mahal piecing before it's time to head to the gym.... and maybe get some of the button-holing done?  All things are possible, right?

When I took Tyga for a walk last night I could see Ruby's light on, so I peeked in the front window and saw Jeannie hard at work on Aja's quilt.  We stopped in for a brief visit, because even though Lucy and Molly obviously wanted to play with Tyga (love that butt up in the air pose!), for some reason he did not feel the same way.  Which is strange, because he usually likes playing with other dogs...  At one point he curled his lip in a snarl at one of them, and once he growled I knew it was time to make our get-away before we had a dog fight on our hands! 

But the quilt is turning out great!

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