Friday, December 16, 2016

Yesterday was one of those days when everything just seemed to fall into place - and how often does that happen?

Fletchers did their fastest-ever oil change and tire rotation, getting me out of there in about 45 minutes.  My time in their waiting room passed quite quickly as I spent it chatting on the phone with Linda, catching up on stuff (even though we had sat next to each other at the party on Wednesday!)

Back at home I took care of a bunch of stuff, including resizing/cropping pix of Wednesday's party; today I plan to make time to post them.  

I arrived at least 15 minutes early at the chiropractor (I'd found a good stopping point at home) but he ended up seeing me right away.  It was a good tune-up (especially since I was not nearly as out of whack as I was at last week's visit) and I was out of there around my actual scheduled appointment time. 

On the way home I stopped in at the post office to mail off Robin's pillow (the ladies gave it the stamp of approval on Wednesday) and also something of Tom's.  Apparently 3:00 is the magic time there: I was in and out in less than 10 minutes!

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent making tremendous progress on Aja's gift.  Since I had pulled out pre-cut lumberyard pieces on Wednesday afternoon (cutting is my least favorite part, and can also be quite time consuming) construction moved along quickly.  I completed 3 full rows, and much of the work on the remaining 3, which I finished up this morning.  Once I sew the 6 rows together the main part of the quilt will be done and I can plan out the borders.  With a little luck those will get done by tomorrow, and maybe on Sunday I can start quilting it.  I'm really pleased with how it's turning out, and pretty sure she's going to like her handmade gift a whole lot more than Alex "liked" his mesh snowboard bag... 

We had irrigation yesterday afternoon/early evening,
so of course <g> rain arrived right on time last night.

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