Sunday, December 4, 2016

Last night Alex brought in dinner from Panda Express, and I made sure I got a picture of his great t-shirt.  (Pretty sure puppies make most people happy!)

Alex and Aja headed up to Flagstaff this morning to go snowboarding so Tyga is with us.  It'll be Alex's first run of the season, always exciting, but even more so today since he'll finally get to use the brand new board Aja bought him for his birthday.  Today will be her first time snow-boarding, and of course I'm hoping that goes well. I remember well my first time skiing (it was during freshman year in college) which coincidentally <g> also my turned out to be my last time skiing...I came home on crutches. (It might have been Mom's fault, though, because she tempted Fate, having just told Dad that everything must have gone okay since they hadn't heard from me. Of course shortly after that their phone rang, with my news.) One of Alex & Aja's friends actually did break her leg boarding last winter, so I know Aja is a tad worried about that, but mostly about not being able to catch on quickly enough to keep up with Alex.

Tom had a group of "new" folks over today, and they were all out back meeting Pokey before they came in to view the museum.  Tyga takes his guard dog duties seriously, and wasted no time letting me know we had 'intruders' in the yard.  As usual the museum tour did not disappoint, and was still going strong an hour later when I needed to head over to the gym.  (One of the group, Kelly, is a budding quilter and lives nearby, so we may be getting together again at some point for me to help her with some basics.)

I struggled some at Boot Camp today, definitely feeling the effects of Friday's workout, and left about 15 minutes early.  Too bad I can't pop into the hot tub for a post-workout soak.  I checked out the temp this morning, and by then it had already dropped to about 90 - not warm enough to suit me!  Tomorrow I will call the repair guy.

Made more progress on my Wonky 9-Patch this morning (and without any major snafus) but I think now I'm going to stretch out on the heating pad and watch some TV or read.  

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