Friday, December 9, 2016

Yesterday was busy, productive - and even upbeat.  My first mission of the day was to get the recalled airbag replaced at Acura. I had to laugh when, during check in, Angie asked 'permission' <g> to wash and vacuum the car before returning it to me after the service was complete (twist my arm?) 

He also was more than happy to check on the price for replacing the plastic handle that broke off (quite a while ago) from the inside of the hatchback. We did have to go out to the car so he could see (and mark) the mileage before sending it into the service bays. When he got in and started the car, with the door open, the dash panel did not show that info, instead instructing the driver to shut the door. He started to hit a couple of buttons trying to bypass that screen to find the mileage, but my old school, lo-tech solution worked before his: I shut the door.  

The Acura waiting room is quite comfy and well-stocked (I snacked on a tangerine and then had lunch when the sandwiches from Jimmy John's were delivered) so I was sitting comfortably and well fed when Angie returned with the pricing information on that handle: $175! But since I had kept the broken piece (not sure why) he went out with me afterward and gave me a good idea for McGyvering it.  

It took a lot longer than it should have to drive from Bell and 92nd to Bell and 75th (insane holiday traffic) but I was able to take care of errands (at the Vitamin Shop) and holiday shopping (first at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and then at the mall.)  I was pleased to cross off everything on yesterday's list before I headed to the chiropractor.  Yesterday's visit took longer than usual, though my neck and spine were exceptionally happy by the time I left. As expected my problems all seem to be stemming from my left foot. He did a number of adjustments on that which actually increased the pain level around my ankle for the rest of the day (though surprisingly walking did not hurt) but this morning it seems much better. The true test will be to see how today's workout at the gym goes!

One final stop, to pick up a Rx refill, before heading home - to good news: Richard plans to come by this afternoon to install the new element. Tom drained the tub last night so we're ready for him. Maybe I will be soaking tomorrow morning? I'm (more than!) ready.

Alex joined us for dinner last night, and (as I expected) it turns out he knew the BGHS teacher who wrote Wednesday's book club novel.  Today Alex (and Tyler and Clay) are off to Flag to go boarding. Since his car needs a very overdue oil change, and Tom's taking his truck in for some scheduled services today, I offered my car. (Tyler's truck is not happy, and Clay still doesn't have his license back.) My car was nice and clean yesterday, but assume <g> the guys are likely to track in a bunch of stuff today. Today I'll be driving Alex's BMW to the gym this morning but then expect to be sticking close to home the rest of the day.  Still have lots of sewing to get done before the holiday deadlines!

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